Hierarchical Structured Multi-stage pH Responsive Carriers for Oral Peptide Delivery

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报 告 人:Carl Wei He (何为) (马克思-普朗克高分子研究所)
邀 请 人:吕丽萍
Peptide drugs delivered orally should be protected from degradation before taking their functions. To fulfill the complicated task of oral drug delivery, a hierarchically structured drug delivery system can undertake structural changes so that multiple functions can be triggered by a sequence of stimuli.
We have proposed such hierarchical system in a nanoparticle-in-nanofiber configuration, in which both the nanofibers and the nanoparticles are pH responsive and biocompatible. The model peptide was encapsulated efficiently under mild condition, and the nanocarriers were further mixed and electrospun with a pH responsive mucoadhesive polymer. In-vitro, the nanoparticles were released from the nanofibers, and thereafter the peptides were released from the nanoparticles in a pH responsive manner. The above mentioned nanoparticles were compatible with caco-2 cells, and the endocytosis of the nanoparticles were studied in detail.


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